Dirty hands & dirty dishes in this week’s Kitchen Cops Report

One restaurant owner fights back after getting another low score

Dirty hands & dirty dishes in this week’s Kitchen Cops Report
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two big names and a college campus dining hall are at the bottom of the list in Madison County, and one restaurant owner in Limestone County sounds off after a low score in Ardmore.

We’ll start with those issues in Madison County. The lowest score on their inspection reports this week comes from the Alabama A&M West Dining Hall Cafeteria. It earns a 75 after the Kitchen Cops discovered a walk-in cooler was only keeping the air at 62 degrees. Experts say that’s 20-25 degrees warmer than it should be. Several foods had to be thrown away because of this issue. The dining hall also had problems with a dirty ice machine, dirty utensils mixed in with clean ones and flies in the restroom.

Two high profile companies joined the dining hall at the bottom of the Madison County list. The Wal-Mart deli on Sparkman Drive gets an 83 due to employees not washing hands after handling the phone, a trash compactor making a mess and dirty dishes. The hand washing issue was also written up at Hooters on University Drive. It earns a 76 after inspectors also noted broken spatulas and fryer baskets and foods at the wrong temperature.

In Limestone County, Whitt’s Barbeque and Weston’s Wings were at the bottom of the list. The two restaurants share a building, so many of the issues written up are shared between them, including problems with the sink, the water sewage system and missing paper towels in the bathrooms. Whitts was also noted for food missing expiration dates and ribs being prepared in an unsanitized sink. The issues were resolved, but Whitt’s earns a 68 and Weston’s was hit with a 76. The owner lashed out at the health department after getting the low score. You can read his argument, and the counter from the health department right now in this link from our media partner, the Athens News Courier. A search of our archives shows the most recent inspection in December gave Whitt’s and Weston’s a 78 due to dirty can openers, ashtrays in the kitchen and a dog in the building.

One other issue in Limestone County was found at Tienda Mexicana La Fuente Bakery in Athens. It earns an 83 after inspectors found eggs at the wrong temperature and saw workers using a plastic jug cut in half being used as a scoop. Check out our report from the Shoals and Morgan County below the video:

Limestone County Kitchen Cops February 15, 2019

Rick’s Barbeque on Florence Boulevard lost points when inspectors found cans past their expiration date. It gets a 93. The Olive Garden on Cox Creek Parkway gets a 90 after dirty dishes turned up, and the Ichiban on South Jackson Highway in Sheffield gets a 92 due to rodents being spotted in the building.

Camino Real and Francesco’s are just a couple of yards apart on 6th Avenue in Decatur, and they’re together at the bottom of the Morgan County scorecard this week as well. Camino Real was missing towels and soap and had food temperature issues. Francesco’s also had bad temperatures and was missing a thermometer.

You can see raw scores and inspection reports from around north Alabama below this video:

Shoals & Morgan County Kitchen Cops February 15th, 2019

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