HPD recruiting new police officers

HPD recruiting new police officers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you want to become a police officer, now is your chance. The Huntsville Police Department is looking to hire 40 officers. But you’ll have competition from candidates across the country.

There are about 460 officers working for HPD but that number is going up. A lot more officers are needed to keep up with the city’s growth, but some are needed to replace officers retiring and those who are changing professions.

“Just because of the natural attrition within the police department, retirees and people that leave to go into the private sector, whatever it may be, of course there’ss always this kind of catch up, especially for a department our size that constantly needs to be doing," said Sgt. Karl Kissich.

Despite the shortage and the need to hire more officers to drive those HPD cars and wear that badge, officers with the Huntsville Police Department say they’re only hiring qualified candidates who have to pass several rigorous test and go through their academy.

They’re already getting applications from across the country.

“We have a great product, a great police department, you have a great training and great pay, that’s what’s attracting people to come from California. We had applicants from Alaska in our last one, New York, Chicago, all over the country, so it’s really an exciting time to be a Huntsville police officer and to be recruiting for the department as well," said Kissich.

WAFF 48 News gave you the First Alert 18 months ago when HPD made videos highlighting different groups in the department. Because of their success, HPD is now making even more videos.

While these videos put some officers on display, Kissich says the salary that officers with HPD receive speaks for itself as a recruitment tool.

“The department has got pay increases. There’s incentives for physical fitness and shift differential pay. We’re one of the highest paid agencies across the entire state and most certainly in this area," he said.

If you want to apply to join the Huntsville Police Department, click here for all of the criteria and guidelines.

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