Scottsboro residents remove debris from drains due to flooding

Scottsboro residents remove debris from drains due to flooding

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - Some areas around the Valley are already bracing for the threat of even more flooding.

Scottsboro resident Freddy Killen is no stranger to flooding in his neighborhood. In fact, he spent the day removing debris from his drainage.

“And so as a homeowner you got to take care of your own property, and as you can see up the street there are several areas that have quite a bit of water standing and with more ran on the way it’s going to mean more water," said Killen.

Marshall County EMA geographic information systems planner, Will Kennamer says removing debris with trees in the water and in drains have been their top priority.

“It entails moving backhoes, and other equipment to each side and the time to actually dig up and clean out all of these drains it takes a while," said Kennamer.

But due to the lack of manpower, crews haven’t been able to get it all.

Jackson County is facing similar challenges.

“But we have some great volunteers that are eager to help and when we call they come help, so with out those volunteers our office would be overwhelmed," said Paul Smith, Jackson County EMA director.

As for Killen, he said he is thankful for the work from officials and encourages homeowners to lend a helping hand.

"The city is overwhelmed by going from house to house or trying to go to each street,but everybody if they would do their part I'm sure it would help."

EMA officials said they will continue to monitor water levels and flooding and send out weather updates.

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