Kitchen Cops: Heartbreaking score for one Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Madison County Kitchen Cops February 14th, 2020

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Terranova’s Italian Restaurant sets the lowest score of the week in Madison County. In fact, it’s the lowest score we’ve seen in several weeks. It earns a 65 due to multiple issues piled up on top of each other. That includes no hot water in the women’s restroom, a dirty ice machine, dirty can opener, raw chicken on the food prep table, week old spinach dip in the fridge and an employee touching herbs barehanded before putting them in a blender. All these issues were fixed, but the low score will stand until the next scheduled inspection.

Elsewhere in Madison County, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar on South Parkway got a 79 because of several foods at the wrong temperature, old queso and chili in the fridge and a dirty ice machine.

The Pizza Hut on Madison Boulevard and Sullivan Street gets an 84 because of foods at the wrong temperature on the buffet bar, a “pink substance” in the ice machine and a dishwasher running without sanitizer in it.

In Morgan County, Minnie Lee’s Diner on Gordon Terry Parkway has the lowest score of the week with a 78 due to an inaccurate food thermometer, eggs, sour cream and cheese at the wrong temperature, and other foods missing “best-by” dates.

Francesco’s on 6th Avenue gets an 83 after being written up for missing soap at a handsink, foods in the cooler at the wrong temperature and missing training paperwork for employees.

BB Perrins on Holly Street in Decatur also scores an 83 because of an employee seen not washing their hands while handling dishes, and foods at the wrong temperature.

The lowest score in Limestone County is the MiniMart 2 on the corner of Highway 72 and Hine Street. It scores a 77 because of missing soap and paper towels at sinks, dirty slushie nozzles, and a missing food thermometer.

The Sakura Japanese Steak House on County Line Road scores a 90 because of medications stored above food prep areas.

The scores in Lauderdale County were mostly good. The only slight issue was a 90 at the Panera Bread on Cox Creek Parkway. It was written up for several items in the cooler at the wrong temperature.

We are awaiting scores from Colbert, Franklin, Marshall and Jackson Counties.

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