Huntsville pastor reacts to killing of George Floyd

HSV pastor reacts to Floyd death

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Today marks one week since the killing of George Floyd sent shock waves across the nation, and the pain of his death continues to run deep.

“One week later, it’s as if it just happened this morning. That’s how intense the situation is," says Reverend Maurice Wright of St. John AME Church.

Wright has seen the outrage that’s taken place across the nation, and while he says he’s not a man of violence, he feels the same emotions being put on display.

“We’re angry. We’re angry about this. We’re tired. We’re tired of watching our sons being gunned down. We’re tired of being taken for granted.”

Wright says people want these concerns heard, but he hates to see crime serve as their outlet.

“My only concern is when it turns to the looting and when it turns to this negative behavior, that actually takes away from what the message really is. The message is about justice.”

He encourages people to take the same pain and energy they’re showing in the streets… to the polls.

“My hope is we will turn out to vote like we turn out to protest. If people turn out to vote the way they turn out to protest, we can begin to turn this thing around.”

Wright also puts his faith in God to see this country through.

“I am confident that God is in control. I am confident that we stand firm in our faith.”

Still, Wright knows this time is hard, and the manner in which Floyd died, he says, is a depiction of what is happening to this community.

“We’re all suffocating. That’s where we are. All of us are feeling the knee. We’re suffocating under this unjust system. And we’re tired of it.”

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