New court documents shed light on Valhermoso Springs murder case

New details in murder case

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - One day after John Legg and Rick Rogers returned to Morgan County, new court documents are shedding light on the horrific crimes they’re accused of committing and the investigation that led deputies to them in Oregon.

Frederic "Rick" Rogers
Frederic "Rick" Rogers (Source: Morgan County Sheriff's Dept.)

Multiple search warrants have been entered into the court record. In them, deputies describe arriving on the scene of the murders on Talucah Road in Valhermoso Springs. They found 7 people inside the home shot to death, with two of the victims also suffering from possible burns.

Neighbors and acquaintances of the victims quickly told deputies that two men - John Legg and Ricky Rogers - were frequently hanging out in the house.

John Legg's new mugshot after arriving in Morgan County June 28th
John Legg's new mugshot after arriving in Morgan County June 28th (Source: Morgan County Sheriff's Dept.)

On June 18th, almost two full weeks after the murder, an unidentified witness came forward and spoke with the FBI. They told investigators about the home on Talucah Road being a “club house” for something called the “7 Deadly Sins”. The witness said Legg, Rogers and three of the seven victims were members of the group, along with a sixth person. The witness told the FBI that Legg and Rogers were upset about the theft of personal firearms, and threatened to “wipe the slate clean” saying the club would be dismantled by the end of the night. At 1:35 a.m. June 5th, the witness received a text from Rogers that said “Everything has been dealt with” and “if anyone asks you, we’re going on vacation.” The text also asks the witness to take care of Rogers’ cat.

One deputy describes speaking with Legg’s father. He told investigators he hadn’t seen in son in a while and that he was concerned for John’s safety. Legg’s father said he didn’t know where his son was, but he did believe he left the state, possibly heading for Colorado. Investigators began tracking Legg’s phone. It was turned off, but briefly pinged in Kansas the day after the murder.

Deputies eventually found Legg’s home and searched it. Inside they found spent shell casings they say match those found at the crime scene on Talucah Road.

Legg and Rogers are being held on capital murder charged. Bond was denied on Monday.

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