Decatur City Council passes face covering ordinance

Decatur City Council passes face covering ordinance

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The Decatur City Council has passed a face mask ordinance. It would require people to wear masks in public places, transportation and outdoor venues.

The date the ordinance goes into effect has not yet been decided.

At indoor public spaces, such as restaurants and local businesses, you’ll have to wear a mask. The same goes if you’re taking public transportation.

However, if you’re outside and 6 feet away from people, a mask is not required.

The ordinance does specify though, that if you cannot maintain that 6-foot distance while outside, a mask would be required.

Entertainment venues, public meetings spaces, city government buildings and civic centers all fall under the mask requirement as well.

The City Council has left places of worship up to individuals.

A clause in the ordinance says if you fail to comply with this, you can be fined anywhere up to $500.

Decatur Police Chief Nate Allen says his department is in favor of the ordinance. He said at the meeting today this enforcement will be a collaborative effort.

While there are several requirements, there are also several exceptions. Some of those exceptions include eating and drinking, mental or physical medical conditions, places of worship and effective communication with people who are hearing impaired.

Allen, who’s also the Morgan County Infectious Disease Control Board’s incident commander, says they’re working with local businesses and the community to ensure safety and make sure this transition into the ordinance goes smoothly.

Now that the council has passed the ordinance, the city clerk has 48 hours to present it to Mayor Tab Bowling. The mayor then has 10 days to amend, veto or approve the ordinance.

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