Madison County store owners hoping customers comply with mask order

Madison County business reacts to order

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Madison County business owners are in a tough spot right now, they have to weigh public health and social responsibility against the possibility of losing business from people who refuse to comply with the new Madison County mask order.

Obviously, a majority of business owners will choose what is good for public health over their sales, but it is still a sacrifice after several hard weeks of being closed, earlier this year.

Linda Welch owns Daisy Lane Gifts in Madison, she works there with her husband, Scott, and other members of her family.

Welch said the health and wellness of their customers, employees and themselves will always come before their sales.

“You never know whose systems might be compromised and they have to wear a mask and you have to respect those people and make them feel comfortable in your store,” said Linda.

Welch said her and her employees have been wearing masks for about a month now, but not requiring it for customers.

Just because they are set on requiring masks in their store, doesn’t mean they still aren’t worried about a drop in business. Linda said she was talking to a customer a few weeks ago who said she wouldn’t shop at any store that required her to wear a mask.

When it comes to enforcing the mask rules in their store, Scott said they’ll take more a polite approach than a demand.

“I think sometimes the way you deliver the messages makes a difference in the way the message is received,” he said. “So if you ask somebody, ‘We would respectfully ask you to wear a mask because of the circumstances and the order,' Then I think our customers would tend to be people that would respect that.”

Scott said the mask order has actually helped business in a certain way, though. He said just 18 hours after the order was announced they were already seeing a jump in masks sales online and at the store.

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