Morgan County murder suspect claims self defense in documents

Suspect claims self defense

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Bobby Hamblen is claiming self defense in a July 21 shooting that ended in the death of his roommate, David McCluskey, according to court documents.

Hamblen is charged with murder after McCluskey’s body was found floating in the Tennessee River on Wednesday, July 22.

The leads investigators found led them back to a Somerville home that Hamblen and McCluskey used to share.

According to the affidavit, Hamblen said he shot McCluskey after McCluskey pulled a gun on him during an argument and threatened to kill him.

After Hamblen tried to disarm McCluskey with a pool stick, he said McCluskey tried to shoot him but the safety was on.

Hamblen then said he got his own gun and asked McCluskey to put his weapon away. When McCluskey would not, Hamblen said he shot him. 30 minutes later, Hamblen said McCluskey was dead and he loaded up his body to throw in the river.  

Hamblen also claims he tossed the pistol in the water at a spot on Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. The Morgan County Sheriffs Office found the gun in the exact spot Hamblen said it would be.

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