Local Alabama freshman prepares to start school during COVID-19 pandemic

Alabama freshman talk back to school

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - High school graduates already had the end of their senior year derailed because of coronavirus and now, for those choosing to go on to college, their freshman year will look completely different, as well.

UAB and ADPH are working to prevent any school stoppages though, with their new app GuideSafe.

Saylor Cuzzort just graduated from Sparkman High School and is moving into her dorm at the University of Alabama on Wednesday.

Cuzzort said she’s had her doubts on if she would actually be moving to Tuscaloosa for class but in the last 3 or 4 weeks things have become more clear and started happening pretty quickly.

She said she found out a few weeks ago that before she could officially set foot on campus she would need to test negative for COVID-19.

Cuzzort said she went and got tested, tested negative, submitted her results online and watched a few videos explaining safety guidelines. She said it was all pretty simple.

Even with all of these safety measures, Cuzzort said she still knows things could change fast.

“There’s tons of uncertainty going through everything we’ve done this spring and then into this fall,” she said. “There’s still some thinking we’re going to go down there and everything is going to go bad again and we’re going to be sent right back home.”

Once Cuzzort gets on campus, she’ll need to download the GuideSafe app and every three days she’ll have to report any symptoms she may or may not be having.

She said the app will ask her questions about contact with COVID-19 positive people and if she has any symptoms. 

Cuzzort said all of the precautions have made her and her family feel a lot better about the move.

“With all the measures in place it’s a lot more comforting and I know all of our parents feel a lot better about sending us all,” she said.

Cuzzort knows her freshman year and so many other’s will be drastically different, but she definitely has a great outlook.

“I think the class of 2020 has definitely learned to make every situation the best it can be and look for the positive side,” she said.

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