Jalen Hurts gets backpack to match young fan

Jalen Hurts gets backpack to match young fan
Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts (No. 1) (Source: Josh Auzenne/WAFB-TV)

(WBRC) - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is making headlines again for being an All-American good guy.

In true back-to-school fashion, Hurts’ latest act of being awesome involves getting matching backpacks with a young fan.

Late last month, Twitter user Nikki G, a mother of three boys, tweeted a photo of her son Alexander’s backpack. The backpack, rather than having Alexander’s name on it, says “Jalen Hurts #2.”

The mother’s tweet packs humor that any parent will find amusing, but then Hurts took the story another level up. Earlier this week he replied to the tweet with a photo of his own backpack, which has Alexander’s name on it.

You can see the full exchange below. Hurts, a former Alabama and Oklahoma standout, is currently taking part in training camp for the Eagles.

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