Performance hygiene product available for athletes as Fall sports kick off

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Friday night lights are back! While this is exciting for many, it can also be nerve wracking for some parents.

As teams and players come up with new ways to stay safe, there is a sports hygiene product that could be useful. It’s called NoSweat.

The concept is simple but effective. NoSweat created the first disposable liners for hats, helmets and visors that stick to the inside of headwear and absorb sweat instantly.

“NoSweat is filling the gap in the hygiene sports performance category,” Marketing Director Patrick Hayes said. “It goes inside of your hat or helmet and has a sweatlock technology engineered to instantly absorb sweat.”

The company says each liner absorbs about two ounces of sweat and can last up to two weeks when used in standard hats.

The liners also help keep hats fresh from sweat buildup.

Hayes says the company’s mission is to be a part of everyone’s practice, game, or match routine, and help athletes stay safe with such a simple tool.

“It’s obviously a different time with COVID happening and with the reduction of sweat coming down your face we are eliminating you touching that and increasing your hygiene that way,” Hayes said. “I think a lot of our habits have changed… from washing your hands to your masks, the hand sanitizer...and we want NoSweat to be more than just the performance aspect…”

Hayes says NoSweat is used in the NFL, NHL and some high school teams across the nation are trying it too.

“Right now everyone is just so health conscious and honestly we saw where COVID started...It started in the locker rooms in the professional leagues and so we want to make sure that you are at least doing your part,” Hayes said.

For more information you can visit the NoSweat website here.

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