SEC released COVID-19 guidelines, now fans have to play their part

Health experts react to SEC fan plan

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The SEC released its health guidelines for fans this week and one by one, colleges and universities have announced how many fans they’re going to allow in on game day.

The SEC rules mandate masks must be worn by both staff and fans along with social distancing.

Schools like Alabama and Auburn have stadium capacity capped at 20%.

“All the guidance that’s coming out for game day is based on the understanding that the virus is transmitted by an aerosol route much more so indoors than outdoors,” said Dr. Michael Saag at UAB.

Dr. Saag, an avid sports fan himself, says ultimately, there's no way of knowing how sports in the fall will go.

“From my perspective, and I have said this before, is we are all engaged in a giant experiment,” said Dr. Saag.

That experiment has more variables than controls, and the outcome depends on the people participating.

“This virus is pretty wily, and I think it remains to be seen how successful we can be at managing the virus while trying to allow games to proceed with fans in the stands,” said Dr. Saag.

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