Lawmakers still debating medical mariajuana bill, some Alabamians want it passed

While lawmakers debate a state medical marijuana bill, some Alabamians say they want it passed

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - In the final days of the Alabama Legislative Session, lawmakers have been debating back and forth over a medical marijuana bill for hours on end.

A decision must be made in the remaining two legislative session days.

When Jason Iring lived in Maryland, he had access to medical marijuana for bipolar disorder and PTSD.

But when he moved back to Alabama to be closer to family, that stopped. That’s why he’s desperate for this bill to pass

He says the words “use” and “user” might allow lawmakers to think differently about marijuana being a hard drug. In Maryland, they use “take” and “patient”.

Iring says he knows there are other medications he could take, but he says he does not like how they are processed through the liver. He believes if there is a possibility those with cancer or mental illnesses can get help, it should be given to them.

Iring tells WAFF he hopes lawmakers come through for the people of Alabama.

There are two legislative session days left. Those days need to be wrapped up by May 17th. The bill just needs to pass by the end of the two days.

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