CDC: COVID vaccine is free, don’t pay anything out-of-pocket

The COVID-19 vaccine is free and while providers are not expected to work for free, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says providers must administer the vaccine with no out-of-pocket cost to the recipient.

  Large swaths of rural America are health care deserts with too few primary care doctors, pediatricians, and OB-GYNs to care for residents

  Florence City Councilwoman hopes extended eligibility will bring more folks to vaccine clinics next week

  ADPH hopes to increase vaccine equity with Russellville mass vaccination clinic

  Community leaders work to bridge the gap in Alabama areas lacking access to COVID-19 vaccines

  Bridging the Great Health Divide: Alabama ranks 7th in obesity

  People are dying earlier and facing more severe health issues in many rural communities

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Tennessee announces more than 100 new COVID-19 vaccine sites across the state

According to TDH, vaccines will arrive this week at more than 100 new vaccination sites in 51 counties.

  Husband, wife open primary care practice for Hispanic community in Huntsville

There's a new clinic in Huntsville for the Hispanic community! We're told anyone is welcome. The mission is to provide affordable healthcare without insurance.

Gray Television to use Google funding toward health coverage in Mississippi Delta, Appalachia

The Mississippi Delta and Appalachia both fare far worse than the national average in health indicators and outcomes. The project will explore why health disparities exist, with a focus on long term and sustainable solutions.

  Coronavirus vaccine will face a distrust in the Black community; Doctor says education is the key to gaining trust again

Coronavirus Vaccine will face a distrust in the Black community; Doctor says education is the key to gaining trust again

  Homeless population increasing drastically in Decatur due to COVID-19

  UAB diversity research team to begin focus groups for vaccines

  Marshall Mobility; Marshall Medical Centers’ new transportation service